How do I determine my bra size?
Did you know more than 70% of women wear the wrong size bra? Bali is currently conducting Fit Events at department stores across the country.
Our Certified Fit Consultants offer personal fittings (by appointment) in the intimate apparel departments of participating retailers.
The cups of my bra wrinkle. Why?
Wrinkles appear in the cup when the bra you are wearing is too large. When you wear the correct size, cups should completely contain each breast and the fabric should lay smooth over the breast. Try a smaller cup size first; if that doesn't work - maybe try a different bra. Not all 34C bras are the same!
I bulge over the top and sides of my bra. Why?
Breast tissue will bulge over the tops and sides of a bra for two reasons. First, you may be wearing a bra (or cup size) that is too small for you. Check to make sure you are wearing the correct size bra by going to your local department store and asking to be measured and fit by a qualified intimate apparel sales associate. Second, you may be wearing the correct size, but not the correct style. If this is the case, look for bra styles that are cut for fuller shapes and built with more support. Bali has many styles that are cut for a fuller-cup woman.
One of my breasts is larger than the other, so I have a hard time finding a bra that fits. Any suggestions?
Most women have one breast that is larger than the other. Sometimes the difference is noticeable, most often it isn't. If the difference is significant, try a bra with stretch fabric in the cup or a bra with fiberfill. Also, you can adjust the shoulder straps so the strap for the larger breast is looser than the strap for the smaller breast. Always fit the cup size to the fuller breast first.
Should I be wearing an Underwire Bra or a Wire-Free Bra?
An underwire bra will definitely give you more shaping, support and lift. But, we know there are some people out there that simply don't want to wear an underwire bra. For these women, our bra designers are constantly working to create Wire-Free styles that deliver on the shaping, support and lift of an underwire.
My bra straps are always falling off my shoulders. What can I do?
Can you believe that nearly 60% of women complain of this issue? Here are some suggestions:

First, try tightening the straps of your current bra. If that doesn’t help, it may be an indication that your bra is too big (visit one of our Bali Fit Events to find out). And, because this is such a big complaint by women, Bali introduced the first No-Slip Strap bra. This bra's innovative straps have Grip Strips™ on the inside that stay in place on your shoulder. In addition, the straps are set closer-in on the back, so that they won’t slip down. This bra is guaranteed not to slip, or you'll get your money back. Find your style in our strap solutions collection.
My bra straps dig into my shoulders. What can I do?
To address this common problem, we've developed bras with lightly cushioned straps that help alleviate shoulder stress.
Find your style in our strap solutions collection.
Do Minimizer Bras Really Work?
Yes! Minimizers really do work. These bras are ideal for the fuller-busted woman looking for reduction without flattening – resulting in a beautiful, slimmer silhouette. Our ingenious design provides full coverage with bustline reduction up to 1 ¾" for most styles. Find your style in our minimizers collection!
My bra rides up in the back. What's wrong?
Try hooking your bra more snugly or loosening the straps. If neither works, the band size may be too large, so try the next smaller size.
Is there a right way to put on panties?
Yes. Step into the panty and pull it up to the correct position on your body, centering yourself to ensure the crotch is pulled forward. Run your fingers around the leg openings from the front to the back seat, placing the back seat to cup the buttocks. Then run your fingers around the waistband to set it evenly around the waist.
I'm not sure where the crotch is supposed to fit.
The crotch should fit naturally against the body, without binding or excessive fabric at the front or back. Pull the panty forward so that the front crotch seam is showing - it shouldn't slip backwards.
The waistband keeps bunching up and rolling over. But it fits well across the backside. What should I do?
You're probably wearing the wrong style or size. The waist should be snug, but not binding and stay in place comfortably. You should also be able to pull on the panty easily over your hips. Try a smaller size or different style. Verify you're wearing the right size with our panty fit calculator.
The legs of my panties are really binding - I even get grooves along my thighs. What are my alternatives?
Legs should not cut or bind at the thigh. Verify you're wearing the right size with our panty fit calculator. Then check how you're wearing your panty - are the leg openings arched evenly from side to side? Is the fabric skewed or bunched? If you're wearing the panty properly and it's still uncomfortable, try a hi cut style.
My panties keep riding up. I can't keep ducking into closets to tug them into place, so what can I do?
Get the right size! A proper fit means the panty is balanced and symmetrical, cupping the buttocks evenly. If you're tugging, check your proper size with our panty fit calculator.
Is there any way to eliminate a visible panty line?
Go for full coverage, making sure your bottom is cupped by the panty. Find your style.
What's the best way to put on shapewear?
The best method is similar to the way you put on pantyhose. Gather up the garment from the legs to the waist so the shapewear is only a few inches tall. Step into the legs and pull up. When the bottom is seated correctly at the top of the legs, gradually unroll the shapewear over the torso. This method ensures the proper placement of the garment.
My shapewear fit comfortably when I tried it on, but it's really binding after just a few hours sitting at my desk. What did I do wrong?
Sit down before you buy! When you sit, you can check for the correct length. You should feel just as comfortable sitting as you do standing up.
I need more control than I've chosen in the past. Should I simply buy a smaller size?
No! A smaller size won't fit you properly. If you want to increase the amount of control, choose a higher control level, not a size smaller.